Boot Brush Scraper Choices

A boot brush scraper can serve as a helpful tool for those of you that work in the messiest of job and don’t want your mess to follow you home. It not only cleans the sides of the dirtiest boots, but also scrapes the mud off the bottom, without ever using your hands to touch your dirty boot. Simply stick your foot in the boot scraper and move it around and the scraper does the job for you.

Boot Brush Scraper Top Picks

As there are many different products available, the key is finding the boot brush scraper that is right for you and the type of work that you do. They are made of different materials, have different types of brushes, and are each designed a little differently.

One design, the Heavy Duty Boot Scraper/Brush is particularly heavy duty. The boot brushes are held on with a hardened maple brush mount and it’s base is made of powder coated steel frames that holds up in the harshest weather conditions. No need to bring it into your house, just leave it right outside. It is a little pricey at almost $150.00 but it was rated 4.7 out of five.boot brush scraper

If you’re looking for a little bit of a cheaper model, with equally good reviews, the Deluxe Boot Scraper & Brush is a model for $59.95. Though this model does not have the steel base, it allows you to stand on one section of the cleaner with one foot while cleaning the other. With this model you can either use your foot or you have the option of bolting it down. The boot scraper has two 11 x 6 V shaped boot brushes, and with the tip of your toe you can flip the brushes to expose the steel boot scraper. 91% of users would recommend this boot brush scraper.

The hedgehog boot scraper and dachshund boot scraper are not as heavy duty as some of the other models but work the same way and fit much more discreetly into most home decor. The dachshund boot scraper is a little harder to find and most sites consider it an antique. But if you do a search through any search engine, you will find some options on various sites. Most of your options will call it an antique dachshund boot scraper and most models will be made out of cast iron.hedgehog boot scraper

The hedgehog boot scraper is a little easier to find, but still not quite as common. They are still actually considered antiques and it appears you can only get most hedgehog boot scrapers from independent sellers. If you can find them though, they would be ideal for a garden or front or back porch.

dachshund boot scraper

Boot British Scraper Considerations

Although a boot brush scraper does the job of scraping dirt and rubbish off your boots very well, there are a few points to consider before installing one in your home or office.


While the boot brushes will clean a wide variety of boots sometimes larger, heavier duty boots (such as hunting boots) can be too large for the brushes and the boot scraper.


A disadvantage can be cleaning in and around the boot scraper. The dirt comes off your boot but then can tend to accumulate around it and also in the boot brushes. Though most brands will come with an instruction book and cleaning instructions so you just need to be mindful and follow the directions to ensure your product works to it’s best ability.


You may choose to keep your boot scraper outside but you may also want it setting just inside your house. Unfortunately some of the models are not the most attractive. There are some decorative options though including the hedgehog boot scraper or the dachshund boot scraper.

boot brushes

The boot brush scraper is ideal for people who live rurally or those who work as gardeners, farmers and even on building sites.  It is also a great tool to have when you have been outdoors while it is snowing. The range comes in shapes and colors and designs specific for both domestic as well as industrial use, so it a good idea to be certain of its purpose before making a purchase.